Paras Pathak

Full Stack Software Engineer / Data Scientist

About Me

Hi There! I'm Paras.

I'm a senior at the Univeristy of Texas at Arlington majoring in Computer Science.

I am an avid problem solver and a life-long learner with a voracious curiosity and an urge to solve challenging problems. The constant change and ever long quest to improve is what excites me the most about computer science

Besides that, I am also a strong beleiver of using code and data to solve complex business problems.


Work Experience

Electron POS

December 2019 - Present

• Designed an intuitive cloud-based Point of Sale system using NodeJS and Electron, that allows remote report generation, inventory reminders and an intuitive sales terminal.
• Assembled, configured and sold Electron POS to 15 different convenience stores across Dallas.
• Created a dashboard for remote report viewing using React and deployed it on AWS EC2.
• Enhanced user interface by using Web Workers for processor heavy computation and IO tasks
• Configured a Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer to work with a packaged app running on Linux.
• Designed a NodeJS library for thermal printers, that translates words into hexadecimal code to print to a receipt.

December 2019


Research Intern, Software Engineer
June 2019 - Present

• Created service files for several scripts to continuously run in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
• Created a python script that creates personalized HTML email for each users and emails them daily.
• Implemented a decoupled web-app using Flask in backend and AJAX, jQuery in front end.
• Increased user-adoption by 10% by developing an intuitive dashboard using JavaScript and jQuery.
• Designed and developed a login system based on cookies that allows users to create a new account, verify and retrieve their account, and store their information in a MySQL database.
• Created config files for Ngnix to reverse proxy requests to a uWsgi upstream server.
• Created python scripts to bulk load, retrieve, and delete data from Elastic Search Database.
• Added new endpoints to REST API using Flask to render user’s dashboard and protected them from CSRF.
• Created a node.js script that constantly probes other API and stores their response in MongoDB.
• Developed a node.js webapp using MVC pattern that retrieves data from MongoDB, renders it using EJS and deployed it on Arch Linux using Express web application framework.
• Created a login Single Sign On micro service using Flask and OAuth 2.0 that other applications call to authenticate user using either GitHub or Gmail account.

July 2019

North Lake College

Math PI Assistant
August 2017 - May 2018

• Took complicated mathematics concepts and explained it to diverse learners.
• Assisted 50 students to complete and comprehend college level mathematics classes.
• Helped professor integrate technology into the classroom by developing PowerPoint slides.

August 2017


The Univeristy of Texas at Arlington

(August 2018 - December 2020)
Computer Science
GPA 4.0
Machine Learning, Object Oriented Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Algoritms and Data Structures, Data Mining

Dean's List Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020

Winner of Best Hardware Project at Hack UTA 2019

Academic Excellence Recognition Spring 2020

My Projects

Arcade style Android Game made using Unity and Firebase.
Android clone of Amazon App with Firebase backend.
Chrome Extension for managing your busy life.
Popular Poker Game made using JavaScript.
Python Web Scrapper that emails latest Chelsea FC news.
Fully functional, light-weight GUI fileexplorer made using C++.

Let's Talk!

I would love to hear more from you! Please feel free to contact me about any thing tech!

Paras Pathak

Last updated on 09/09/2020